Red dot award 2014

Two of our new products, the Deli chair and the Modulor table, has won the highest distinction "Best of the Best" in one of the world's largest and most renowned product design competitions. Only 1,5% of all 4800 entries receives the top award.


Deli - new

“The idea behind Deli has been to create an attractive stackable chair with an organically formed seat shell, the design and comfort of which invites users to linger a little longer. The organic form of the human body is an important source of inspiration for many of my furniture designs, and Deli is no exception.” / Thomas Pedersen

Follow this link to see a movie from Stockholm Furniture Fair, where Thomas presents Deli

modulor - new

"Our Modulor table is likewise based on a few simple key components – a leg, a joint and a rail. Plus a tabletop, of course. The dimensions of the profiles and tabletops can be simply adapted to virtually any desired format or proportion. Like a tool or a system for the interior design architect. But the really ingenious aspect is in the details. Behind the precision of the various components and the harmonious relationship between their individual forms are more than 1,000 hours of dedicated work from designers and product developers." / Claesson Koivisto Rune

Follow this link to see a movie from Stockholm Furniture Fair, where Mårten presents Modulor